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Online Reputation Management

In the last two months, we had received inquires from doctors, celebrities, business men and women, professionals, a father of an upset step son, an writer, about removing damaging internet text, or negative comments, they found about themselves. These comments were damaging their reputation, and consequently, their professional career

(Online Reputation Management) (Libel Slander Management Repair) (Online Business Reputation Management)

These people want us to remove these sites. It is important to note: we cannot remove negatives comments from Google, or any other search engine. Nobody can. The only person capable of removing anything from a website is the  web site owner, a blog owner.

Let's suppose we're watching a car race, and we don't like the car that is winning. Let's call it Car A. We don't want that car or driver to win. You want your favorite, Car B, to win. Can you do anything to stop Car A from wining? Of course not.

There are, however, ways that our preferred outcome could happen. Those two possibilities are:

  1. The owner of Car A decides to remove the car from the race on his own, or

  2. Car B is supercharged with an excellent driver, the best racing team, and superb professional knowledge. Should this be the case, Car B has a great chance of winning.

Did you make the connection? The car race is a competition to be on the first place of a Google Search. If you want to be in that first place, you have to do it through your own merits; and this takes planning, experience, knowledge, time.

5 Easy Steps to Protect Your Name in Googleprotect-my-name-online-reputation-management-business

  1. Buy your own name as a domain name! Example: georgelopez.com

  2. If you are a professional, publish your profile on multiple sites. Examples: LinkedIn, Manta, Wellness.com, Wikipedia (if you are eligible), and other free profile sites.

  3. Have social profiles: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

  4. Publish articles in article publishing sites like Ezine Articles.

  5. Have your own blog.

What we can do to help you

An Example of Character Defamation

Dr. Al is a very prestigious medical doctor, and has a highly successful practice. Most patients come through his website.

Dr. Al is being investigated by a Medical Board. This is a routine Medical Boards have to follow, when they receive a complaint from any citizen about a doctor or medical/health practitioner. Dr. Al was put on probation, which means his practice is being monitored by an independent doctor or institution. Dr. Al's medical license stays in full, so he can continue practicing medicine without restrictions.

A few months after probation was enforced, Dr. Al notices his practice is not receiving any more patients through the internet. Dr. Al's website is the basis of his practice; 95% of his patients come through that website.

Dr. Al realized that when his name is Googled, there is a website that had posted his Medical Board Accusation and Probation, and added their own negative comments to it. To make it worse, this web site is placed first. The website is a massive company that specializes in character defamation. The only information it posts is about medical doctors or health practitioners that have been investigated and/or sanctioned by a medical board.

Dr. Al hired a lawyer to request this web site to remove those negatives comments. The lawyer's request was refused.

Dr. Al heard about our services, and called us for advice. We optimized his practice's website, as well as another blog that he kept up. Soon, they were ranked higher than the other website's. But that wasn't enough. We created five more websites, explaining the situation with the medical board, and spreading the word about his success as a doctor. We were able to place these five new websites above the bad website as well.

The character defamation website was displaced to the third page of Google. When Dr. Al's name was searched, only his websites and real information about his professional career were found on the first two pages(frequently, the only pages looked at in a Google search).

The goal, to protect Dr. Al name and his practice from character defamation and negative comments on the internet, was accomplished.

Patients started flowing in once again, through Dr. Al practice's web site, and his practice is flourishing.

Key Benefits

  • Minimize or virtually eliminate (95%) of libel, slander, negative online comments, blogs, character defamation, etc.

  • Re-build damaged online name/reputation.

  • Helps to protect and/or re-build your business, damaged by negative online comments.

  • Protects you online name.

  • This is the only way to fight this kind of onlinedamage. There are not clear laws to protect character defamation on the internet, at the moment. If you try to contact the sites causing the negative comments, most likely, they will do nothing, or even try to make it worse.


  • If you already have one or more websites, we can place them in the first page of Google's search, Yahoo, Live Search (MSN).

  • If negative comments are still on the first search page of Google, we can displace them to lower positions, on the third of fourth page, where they will rarely be seen.

Account References

Due to the sensitive nature of this problem, we do not have yet permission to post references on this subject on our website.


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