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Green Business: Green Advertisement, Green PR, Green Marketing, Green Office

We are going to explore the meaning of Green Business, from the Internet point of view, using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as a tool to create, generate, or migrate from a conventional business model, to a more earth friendly, ecological oriented, waste reducing, and more efficient type of way to do business, that we are going to name: Green Business.Green Marketing Internet Marketing

I will describe a real life business situation, to make it more clear and understandable.

A business owner was applying a conventional marketing model, on his "green" small business, suggested by Rockefeller, in which about 40% of the initial investment on a business, or the overhead in an established one, should be expend on marketing, PR, advertisement, etc., for the business to grow.

He took a line of credit loan to subsidize his business overhead, and specially expending about $5,000 a month on "paper" advertisement, news papers, magazines, and color brochures. After a year, the owner had to take a second mortgage, on the equity of his house, to keep up with the overhead expenses (and advertisement).

At certain point, this person fore saw, his business would not survive more than 6 months, at that expending pace. He will have to get a part time job as a consultant, to support his business, or just close it.

At the time Rockefeller came up with that type of marketing model, the internet did not existed, obviously. "Paper" advertisement was the only way, along with TV.

I suggested him to improve his website exposure, by optimizing it for search engines (SEO), and try to use this "green advertisement" to attract the number of customer his business needed to survive, and eventually to get out of the negative cash flow. In this way he would be able to cut on PR and paper advertisement.

The company was down sized, overhead greatly reduced, and marketing expenses lowered to a necessary minimum. He went from a expensive and deteriorating marketing model, that only big corporations can afford, to a more efficient "green" marketing solution.

He is re-structuring his small business, based on internet exposure, greatly improved web traffic, which is very inexpensive now days, and has the potential to reach a much broader "audience".

Other ways to do Green Business

Interchange services or things instead of money. Give your services (or part of it) in exchange for something you need. I optimize your website, and you design my logo and my business card. I provide you with this service or goods, and you give me in exchange your services or some of your products. Trading it's green business, does not generate waste or keep it to a minimum. You don't have to "waste" in taxes (who wants his/her taxes used for wars, or to pay politicians salaries).


Benefits of green business

Thousand of trees, used to make paper, will be saved from the printing shops, as well as ink. Electricity, which it proved to be a precious commodity lately, will be saved, and the correspondent fuel to generate it. Pollution will be greatly reduced, by eliminating the need to transport paper, to and from printing shops, mailing trucks, air planes, etc.

People are looking more and more in the internet, for things to buy, for services, activities to do, vacations, jobs, entertainment, etc.,

How many times have you received a letter from your credit card bank, telephone company, your bank, department store,  financial company, etc. inviting you, or offering you a "paper-less statement", or online statement, instead of mailing you the monthly statement? How many times we receive and online invoice, e-mail quotation, and there is a line that reads some thing like this: "Please, think it twice before printing this bill-statement. You could save hundred of trees and ink by not printing it". Of course, the big corporations save huge amount of money on paper, ink, mailing fees, and personnel. I'm not so sure if they care about the environment, but the true is that enormous amount of resources are also saved, from this used and abused mother earth. This is green business too.Berry, Pacific Crest Trial, HarmonyHikes.com

A daily green life style recipie (at least for me):

  • Drink a green smoothie and eat big green salads
  • Exercise outdoors. Run-jog-walk at the park, at the beach, or on a trail (one of my favorite exercise places: Manhattan Beach sand dune)
  • Eat more living foods, eat more greens vegetables and fruits
  • Take your spouse, girl friend, boy friend, just your friend, to eat out to a green restaurant (my favorite ones, Jenny Ross' 118 degrees, Costa Mesa, California; Euphoria Living Food Cafe, Santa Monica, CA )
  • Watch gliving.tv (green living life style), The Living Temple, Living-Foods, and other green life style web sites.
  • Smile more often, laugh every day
  • Read and follow Yaro Starak's 6 Tips To Reduce Your Stress in daily life and specially in business. It summarized to this:
    1. Exercise often
    2. Listen to music
    3. Personal Development
    4. Eat good- nutritious foods
    5. Sleep enough
    6. Balance

If you have any suggestions on green business that can be done through the internet, please let us know, we'll add it to our list in this page. Thanks.




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